The whole world applauded Lúčnica and Slovakia at the UN in New York

Lúčnica also performs at the UN Day celebrations in New York.

For 72 years, the international public has annually celebrated the 24th of October as the United Nations Day – the day when the Charter of the United Nations came into effect. The universal international organization was established in 1945 with the aim to keep peace in the world and the 24th of October is one of the most memorable dates in its calendar.

This day is special for Slovakia as well, since for the first time in the UN history Slovak artists could perform at the celebration. The artistic ensemble Lúčnica presented itself at the General Assembly Hall with a program inspired by the motto The Potential in Diversity. “I consider such topic to be especially fitting for this day and venue. Diversity is an essential ingredient of multilateralism. Without it we would go back to the world as it was 45 years ago, when only power and military force mattered. If we do want to use the potential in diversity to its fullest, we have to learn to accept it. We have to communicate – not only theoretically but in everyday life. What we need is a real dialogue instead of a series of monologues,” were the words of Miroslav Lajčák, the current Chairperson of the 72nd UN General Assembly session.

The General Secretary of UN, António Guterres, expressed his gratitude to Slovakia and Lúčnica in his adress to the guests and stressed the ability of art to unite and inspire.

Slovakia had the unique opportunity to present its culture and art during the UN celebrations in front of the representatives of 193 countries of the world. There is not going to be such a respresentative and diverse audience as that for which our artistic ensemble (which has managed to move and excite spectators with its art for 70 years) performed at the UN. Lúčnica has truly become a cultural ambassador of Slovakia and it is a part of our country brand. The ensemble performed at the UN under the logo „Lúčnica & Slovakia, Good Idea“, thus contributing to the promotion of Slovakia in connection with its new branding.

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The Ministry of Foreign and European affairs of the Slovak Republic.

INTERVIEW with Marián Turner, General Director of Lúčnica

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A splendid promotion for Slovakia: Lúčnica also performs at the UN Day celebrations in New York. (
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Lúčnica performs at the UN Day celebrations in New York. (
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