The story of a man and a woman in the cycle of life and time, told in the metaphors of annual ceremonies, which, based on the principle of dance theater, shows the ideals of man, when, with the help of faith in the magical power of ceremonies, good triumphs over evil and love overcomes death.

Duration85 min.

Theme, choreography, direction: Michal Dudáš

Proffesional collaboration: Martina Bocánová

Music: Róbert Faltus

Dramaturgy: Michal Dudáš, consultant – Peter Weinciller

Costumes: Eva Farkašová – Zálešáková, Zuzana Drugová

Masks: Eva Farkašová – Zálešáková

Scene and set design: Milan Ferenčík

Fine art professional consultant: Ján Ťapák

Assistent choreography: Filip Takáč

Performers: dance ensemble, orchestra, vocal ensemble of Lúčnica